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Eileen Scott

Eileen is a fully qualified hypnotherapist with a diploma in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Eileen has studied Ego state therapy, Sandplay for kids and has her full qualification in the Virtual gastric band trained by Sheila Granger the actual founder of the Virtual Gastric band Eileen has extensive experience in Lifeline counselling specialising in crisis counselling helping people through trauma, stress, grief and loss.

Eileen brings with her a lot of life experiences which helps her to relate, connect and reach a level of rapport that comes through in her style of practise with clients time and time again.

Seeing and helping the client gain insight, relief, understanding, self empowerment, forgiveness,peace and much more is what continues to drive and motivate Eileen to help others.

Why chose Eileen and our Institute?

Simply because she brings the personal support when you need it most. She walks you through every module personally and step by step explain, gives examples and live demonstrations . Here's what previous students have had to say

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